Jobs in ToledoHabilitation Programs

Aspiring Hands, Inc. is a day habilitation program for “adults with capabilities” in the Toledo, Ohio area. Through our programs, our goal is to create community enrichment for our volunteers, clients and the organizations that we are involved with. We are the only organization in Toledo, Ohio that operates 100% community based adult day programs. Aspiring Hands provides local non-profit organizations in Toledo with over 600 hours of service each and every week.

Through our programs, we’re able to provide “adults with capabilities” the opportunity to work within the community, find their role within the community, interact socially with their peers, develop new skills, share their knowledge with others and gain real world skills that they can transition into jobs.

Our programs include:

Adult day programs

Our adult day programs provide an opportunity for adults with disabilities to be involved in the community through volunteering. The volunteers in our organization are provided with transportation to and from the volunteer sites, which are local non-profits organizations in the Toledo area. The day program was created so that our clients can find active roles within the community, while being able to engage socially, learn new skills and assist others.

Vocational habilitation

Our vocational habilitation program helps participants acquire skills that are built around their capacity. Participants can then take the skills that they have learned and transition them into job skills that they can utilize. Common activities in the vocational habilitation program include building took kits, participating in after school programs, mentoring high school students and small engine repair to name a few.

After school program

Aspiring Hands, Inc. began an after school program in March of 2013. While talking with the parents of our team members, we found a common theme - at the end of the school day, Students with Capabilities, didn't not have the opportunity to socialize or be involved in after school programs. Instead the students went home. This lack of opportunity has hindered the students ability to establish friends and develop social skills. The focus of the program is to assist with social development/interactions, physical fitness, and life skill development. Each afternoon, students arrive at the program and will have the opportunity to build friendships, cook meals, and be involved in physical activity. The program is located at Boulevard Church of Christ, 7041 W Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, OH 43560, across the street from Tam-o-Shanter. It runs form 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM.

Non-medical transportation

Aspiring Hands, Inc. provides non-medical transportation to and from our day programs, along with providing transportation to our personal home maker care clients.

Recreational outings

Our recreational outings program is designed so that our clients assist in developing the calendar of activities. This program provides clients with the opportunity to participate in events in the community; have social interaction with peers and to have fun while being part of a safe environment. A few common activities in the recreational outings program include bowling, miniature golf, going to the movies and taking hikes.

Personal home maker services

Aspiring Hands Inc. provides personal home maker services in Toledo, Ohio. Our home maker services include non-medical transportation, personal hygiene assistance, supported living, meal planning and much more. Not only do we assist our clients in the privacy of their own homes, but through education and training, we also help our clients gain skills that they can utilize on their own in order to gain independence.

For more information regarding the services and program provided to the Toledo, Ohio area by Aspiring Hands, Inc., contact us any time.